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Posted By Topic: Germany 3liga       - Views: 67
25-Jan 2022 Tuesday 4:31 PM (118 days ago)               #1
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Waldhof Mannheim – Viktoria Koln
Germany 3liga 25.01.2022 18:00h
Last 3 match 2H2:
Viktoria Koln 2-3 Waldhof
Viktoria 1-2 Waldhof
Waldhof 2-2 Viktoria
Last 3 match for Waldhof:
Wurzburger Kickers 1-2 Waldhof
Waldhof 1-3 Dortmund am
Mageburg 3-0 Waldhof
Last 3 match for Viktoria:
Viktoria 5-2 Verl
Monchengladbach 2-3 Viktoria
Viktoria Koln 1-4 Viktoria Berlin

Interesting clash between two teams in the third league of Germany ..two very different teams as a way of playing, and for the visitors the coach returns to the bench after serving a penalty. The visitors should definitely be respected for Waldhof’s capabilities,they have probably one of the strongest attacking teams in terms of capacity and experience , they have great wingers , and the pair of strikers are well worked and with Hoger in the centre they are a nasty team to most teams and are fighting for top 3 places for a reason. The visitors are not a team that will go and drop in passive defence , they will outplay , which predisposes for an open game , the question is to choose the right bet in this game , definitely their attack is in form at the moment too . I expect full concentration from the home team and that is why I will be looking for goals in this direction , after losing the last home game , today they will throw all their strength to break down the opponent . Worth the option over 1,5 in our sight.
Over 1,5 goals Waldhof @1,80

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25-Jan 2022 Tuesday 5:26 PM (118 days ago)            #2
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Good luck

25-Jan 2022 Tuesday 7:49 PM (118 days ago)            #3

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